2/1, Lakshmana Complex,
Gandhiji Street,
Ponmeni Main Road,
+91 97884 14801
2/1, Lakshmana Complex,
Gandhiji Street,
Ponmeni Main Road,

About S.G. Hospitals

We are dedicated to providing exceptional healthcare with a commitment to compassion, excellence, and innovation.

Equipped with the latest medical technology, SG Hospital is designed to provide comprehensive and advanced healthcare services.

Your health is our top priority. Whether you are seeking preventive care, diagnostic services, or specialized treatment, SG Hospital is here to support you on your wellness journey.

Our Vision

To be a leading healthcare Hospital known for excellence in patient care, medical research, and community health.

Our Services
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We work
8 AM – 8 PM

S.G. Hospitals

Multifacility Healthcare centre

Caring Health is Important
Than All

Our mission is to deliver high-quality, personalized healthcare to our community, focusing on the well-being and satisfaction of our patients. We strive to be a trusted partner in your health journey, offering comprehensive and accessible medical services.

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At S G Hospital, patients are at the heart of everything we do. We understand that each individual is unique, and we tailor our services to meet the specific needs of our patients. Our team of skilled healthcare professionals is dedicated to ensuring a comfortable and supportive environment for all.

we understand the unique and sensitive nature of women’s health. Our Gynaecology department is committed to providing compassionate, comprehensive, and cutting-edge care to women of all ages.

we specialize in Diabetology, offering comprehensive and personalized care for individuals managing diabetes.

Our General Surgery team consists of board-certified surgeons with diverse expertise, covering a wide range of surgical procedures.

we understand the crucial role that nutrition plays in managing diabetes. Our commitment to your well-being extends to our diabetic-friendly culinary offerings, ensuring that you can savor delicious and health-conscious meals during your stay with us.

  • Fibroids
  • Vericose Veins
  • Appendix
  • Holisitics

Our Patient

About Us

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Healthcare Professionals

Our team comprises highly skilled and experienced healthcare professionals.

The Procedure


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Conduct Oral Checkup
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Perform Treatment
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Dentino Clinic

Pricing Plans

All Physicians​

$ 900 Per Yearly
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Doctor Visits

$ 150 Per Yearly
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Urgent Care

$ 250 Per Yearly
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